4 Quadrants Of Every Startup

By Chris O’Neal, CPA, MBA

1. Customers

Clearly before you hang your open sign, you must identify who wants what you have.  Who is your target customer?  You might have to go after a secondary customer, an early adopter, before you get to your core market.

2. Tech

Does the technology exist that you need to target and supply your customers with their needs?  If not, you might first have to invest in the new “engine” that will drive the product or service into your customer’s hands.

3. Culture

Know your mission and the culture you are trying to create from the get-go.  If you are trying to offer the highest of quality, then make sure everyone in the organization knows it and breathes it.  If you’re offering the best deal, awesome, but stick to your guns.  Do not cave when your investors are screaming for returns.

4. Competitors

If you are from the U.S., there is a cheer that the cheerleaders sound off at sporting events, it’s something like…. “Be Aggressive……Be, Be, Aggressive.”  If you are still too new to compete on brand, compete aggressively on choice, reliability, price, customer service, etc.

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