4 Reasons Why You Need a Custom E-Commerce Website

By Chris O’Neal, CPA, MBA

If you’re in business to sell products online, you need an E-commerce website to handle the transactions for you. If you get a premade site, you’ll lose flexibility and control. The best solution is to get a custom-designed website for your company and your products. These are some reasons why you should get a custom E-commerce website:

The Site Will Be Tailored to Your Branding

A generic site will not have parts of your branding such as your company colors, logos, and even fonts. Let your site show your organization’s personality and leave a lasting impression on visitors.

The Site Will Be Tailored to Your Offering

Your offering may be a customizable product such as a t-shirt with many different colors and sizes. With a custom site, you can include the option for customers to change parts of the product to purchase and customize their purchase. Your product is unique. Why not give the customers a unique way to purchase your items? You won’t be able to do that with a template.

You’ll Have More Hosting Control

If you use a shared-hosting E-commerce site, you’re at their mercy when it comes to changes. Your template may become unusable if the hosting site makes changes. With your own site and your own hosting, you won’t have to worry about that.

It Will Give You More Flexibility

With a premade site, you won’t be able to make changes as easily if your business changes. You may begin to offer promo codes and custom coupons that some premade sites and templates may not allow. There may come a time when your business outgrows the ready-made solution and you’ll need to expand to more flexible options. Why not anticipate this growth and get a custom site built now?

These are just a few of the many benefits of getting a custom website built for your E-commerce business. Get started today to discover the many benefits of creating a custom E-commerce website.

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